Take Five With... Christian Serratos: Secrets from 'The Walking Dead' set

By Erica Cupido

For actress Christian Serratos, landing the opportunity to join Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride as Rosita on The Walking Dead was a plum gig. “She’s always been very capable of taking care of herself, very strong willed and very independent,” says the star of her character.

Now, as Christian wraps up the addictive drama’s fifth season, we asked the former figure skater – who played Kristen Stewart’s onscreen best friend Angela in the Twilight films – what it’s like on set in Georgia and what’s most fulfilling about being part of a monster hit.

Christian joined the cast of The Walking Dead in the fourth season.

I’ve definitely gotten used to [shooting physically-demanding scenes]. Now, it’s something that I actually crave and look forward to. It’s not like I was a bump on a log before. I trained in Krav Maga. I did competitive figure skating and danced growing up, so my body was trained and acclimated to certain things. But nothing really prepares you for the Georgia heat, the bugs and the weaponry you have to carry around in 112° F weather – it’s rough! At first, you don’t think your body is capable of doing it, but once you start eating better and taking care of yourself it’s something that your body needs. I haven’t been on set [in a while], which is essentially my gym, and my body is going into some sort of withdrawal!

We have a great system on set. We’re so close that we know when each other needs a moment to get into a certain headspace, or when our friends need some help. We all just work so well with each other and it’s nice that we have those lighter moments [too]. When there’s very dark stuff happening on set, we can laugh and joke around. It’s nice having comrades that understand how your mind works.

Abraham’s army is definitely finding their place now. There’s a solid force now between all of them. They’re all looking out for each other and have each other’s backs and Rosita is starting to trust them more and they’re starting to become family to her. However, in an alternate reality where Rosita wasn’t the good one that she is, I would love to see her and Carol battle it out. Because I think Melissa [McBride] is a badass. She’s just as badass as her character.

The conventions are great. It’s a cool way to meet the fans and see what people think of the show. We’re so entwined with [the show], it’s sometimes hard to separate from that and see what other people see. It’s cool to see how other people have perceived each episode, and the work that we’ve done. It’s also just another way for all of us to be in the same place when we’re not filming, to see each other and goof off. That’s always great.

I’ve met some really funny and sweet people at conventions. The events are always interesting and I look forward to them. It’s so amazing that people are there to meet us. We’re always in shock. We try to think about who we’d do it for. I’d probably [line up to see] *NSYNC back in the day. If I had gotten Lance Bass’s autograph, I’d probably have died happy.

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