Take Five with... Kaylyn Kyle: Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

With the Women’s World Cup in full swing, Team Canada’s Kaylyn Kyle has her eye on the prize. “We’re focused on getting to that final game,” she tells Hello! Canada . For the Saskatchewan native, competing in Canada is “a dream come true . It’s so special to be able to share this experience with all of my friends, family and the Canadian fans who are supporting [us],” she says.

Kaylyn Kyle. Photo: Soccer Canada

There’s no question that the Olympic medalist is driven to succeed. Now she’s encouraging Canadians to reach their goals as one of the faces of Under Armour’s Earn Your Armour campaign. The activewear brand is inviting people across the country to post photos of themselves on social media showing how they earn their armour, whether that means pushing through gruelling workouts or hitting a new personal record (check out the hashtag #earnyourarmour to see previous entries). Kaylyn says, “It’s been remarkable. It’s so inspiring to see the pictures coming in.”

When she’s not on the field or in the gym, Kaylyn’s always on the go. The 26-year-old athlete currently splits her time between California and Mexico , where her boyfriend, fellow pro soccer player Gabriel Farfan, plays. She says her teammates would describe her as energetic and ready for anything. When we asked her to share five things fans might not know about her , Kaylyn was up to the challenge.

The Saskatchewan native is an Olympic medalist. Photo: Soccer Canada

Music is so important to me, especially during a workout. It gets you in the zone. I love any kind of music, but while I’m working out I especially like to listen to techno or dance, mixed with Beyonce, Rihanna or Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any of them in concert. Going to a music festival overseas or even one in California are things that are definitely on my bucket list.

As a child I always wanted to be a singer, but I’m horrible at it. I also thought I’d be a veterinarian. I love animals and want to work with an organization that helps animals while I’m still playing. I’m a dog-lover. I’ve got a golden retriever, Frankie, who is 10 months old. He’s with my boyfriend right now and we’re thinking about getting a second dog too.

I’m obsessed with fashion. My sister works in the fashion industry in Europe, so it’s something we both love. We’re excited to be starting our own fashion blog and showing both of our takes on personal style. I love finding hidden boutiques where there are amazing things that no one else will have. I’ll ask my sister to pick things up for me in Europe and bring them to the World Cup. She’ll say, “Do you need any soccer stuff?” And I’ll say, “No I need these [clothes]!”

Kaylyn playing with Team Canada. Photo: Soccer Canada

My boyfriend and I are so proud of one another. We just have something that’s so cool and hard to explain. People ask if maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard, and I say, “It’s so easy with him.” He’s just an amazing guy. I got very lucky. His brother plays pro soccer as well and my dad played professional hockey, so there are a lot of athletes in the family who understand what we go through every day.

One thing my father always told me is to remember to love the game. When you fall out of love with whatever you’re doing, that’s when you should go find what it is you’re missing. After 2011, I did some traveling. When I got back, I knew I was still involved in the sport for the right reasons.

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