Take Five with...Ashley Diana Morris: My life outside of modelling

Ashley Diana Morris first landed on our radar when she became the face of Guess in 2013, but the Vancouver-based beauty has since set her sights on acting, stepping into the shoes of fellow model Rebecca Romijn in The Unauthorized Full House Story (Aug. 22, Lifetime Canada).

Ashley, who studied theatre in university, came of age watching the Tanner family and understands why adult fans are interested in revisiting the series. “We have such a connection to it,” she tells Hello!. “We still want to see the characters we grew up with.” Those very characters are indelibly tied to the actors who played them, and that’s where Ashley’s turn as model-actress Rebecca comes into play.

Currently living on the west coast with her husband Geoff Gillespie, Ashley is committed to seeking out new roles - and ever-exciting ways of filling her time. When she isn’t in front of the camera, the 26-year-old is blogging for The Huffington Post Canada and enjoying the great outdoors. Here, she reveals an insider look at her life outside of modelling.

Ashley has set her sights on the acting world. Photo: © Getty Images

I was beside myself excited when I got to be part of The Unauthorized Full House Story . I auditioned to play Aunt Becky, but they ended up casting me for the role of Rebecca. I was definitely very grateful and surprised. I grew up watching Full House, and always loved Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse.

On set, I learned how much goes into making a film and how many people are behind the scenes. This was my first onscreen kiss since I’ve been married, so I was a bit nervous. Honestly, there were 50 to 60 people behind the scenes watching. It’s so orchestrated and everything’s so technical that what you see on screen is so far from what it’s like on set because of all of the people involved.

When I was asked if I was interested in blogging, I thought it was a great opportunity to have a voice. I know a lot of people are interested in some of the things I’ve done. I think it’s great to write about some of my experiences and try to be really truthful about them. On my blog, I give readers a window into the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope I can help other women who are interested in getting into this or shine some light on some of the difficulties that they might be faced with in this industry. I just want to be super honest and upfront.

My best friends are my favourite people to follow on social media. I also follow a lot of makeup sites to get tips. Following fitness pros inspires me to get going to the gym. When it comes to my social media, I won’t just put up a ton of modelling photos. I try to balance everything so it’s not all business.

Ashley shared a photo from a beautiful garden in Napa Valley. Photo: © Instagram

My husband and I were at a winery in Napa recently. So when I got the part [in The Unauthorized Full House Story ], my husband and I opened a bottle of bubbly. We’re actually away the week it’s on TV so we’re going to see if we’re able to find it and watch it. We booked everything before we knew the date that it was coming out, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find it. I’m hoping!

Geoff and I just got back from a cabin, where we did some fly-fishing. I’ll wear no makeup, with my hair pulled back, relax and enjoy. We live downtown, but I’ve always liked the outdoors. I enjoy kayaking, boating and going for hikes. I just hiked a mountain the other day, and my arms are still sore! I like to keep active outside anytime I get the opportunity.

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