10 reasons Anna Kendrick’s 'Scrappy Little Nobody' made us love her more

By Maureen Halushak

For Anna Kendrick, releasing the memoir Scrappy Little Nobody (Touchstone, $35) made complete sense. As evidenced by her five million followers, the petite powerhouse — who is in theatres this month as a lead voice in the animated blockbuster Trolls — uses her words to great effect on Twitter.

Now, she’s going beyond 140 characters in a series of no-holds-barred essays that chronicle her rise to fame and cement her status as insanely likeable Everygirl. (Of course, there’s also no shortage of Twitter-style zings.) As your next must-read hits bookshelves on Nov. 15, we've rounded up 10 reasons Scrappy Little Nobody makes FLARE's winter cover star even more endearing.

Anna's memoir hits bookshelves on Nov. 15

She’s a child star who turned out A-OK
Kendrick got her first big break on Broadway at the age of 12 in the musical comedy High Society, based on the movie of the same name starring Grace Kelly. She was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance, but lost to Broadway legend Audra MacDonald.

She once lived in a walk-in pantry
When Anna was making her first movie — 2003’s Camp, now a cult favourite in the musical theatre community — she had to find an inexpensive living arrangement, so she moved into the walk-in pantry of a New York City apartment shared by three film students. On the bright side, she says, it was “mostly empty.”

Anna's big break came opposite George Clooney in Up In The Air

George Clooney paid her the ultimate compliment, but she didn’t realize it at first
In the midst of shooting Up in the Air, George told Anna that she was “pitching a no-hitter,” but she didn’t entirely get what he meant as she’s not a baseball fan — nor did she want to google it and risk the ego trip.

She remains eternally grateful for the Twilight franchise
Anna played Jessica Stanley, sassy non-vampire and friend of Bella, in all four films — the first of which came out in 2008, the year before Up in the Air. She credits the Twilight paycheques with keeping her afloat when she was just starting out.

Party/After Party/Truth In Advertising

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She’s not a capital F fashion person
As a middle class kid who grew up in Portland, Maine, Anna shopped at J.C. Penny, L.L. Bean and Payless Shoe Source; today she says she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in the four-figure dresses and designer shoes she regularly wears on magazine covers and the red carpet.

She (understandably) lost her cool over kissing Orlando Bloom in Digging for Fire
Anna played a small role in the indie film, in which Orlando was starring; she’d had a crush on the Lord of the Rings actor since she was a teenager. The scene they shared didn’t involve a kiss at first, but after a few takes the director suggested they try it. She managed to keep her cool until she got back home and shrieked, “Oh my god, I just made out with Legolas!”

Wait whaaa? Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in is theaters?? #MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates

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She’s BFFs with Aubrey Plaza
Anna met the Parks and Recreation star while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and they recently starred together in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates . They’re so close that Anna asked Aubrey to come with her when she was buying her second car (like her first car, she opted for a used Prius).

She’s the self-described “mayor of Squaresville”
Case in point: After telling a friend that she had never snuck into a movie before, he forced her into doing so for Iron Man; Anna felt guilty the entire time. A year later, she was at dinner with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau and offered to pay them back.

Anna Kendrick is the cover girl for FLARE's winter issue

She admires #AskHerMore, but wishes red carpet interviewers would actually ask her less
The #AskHerMore campaign started as a response to the fact that female actors are often only asked what designer they’re wearing. Anna applauds the movement, championed by celebs like Shonda Rhimes and Lena Dunham, but notes that she’s OK with being the exception because she says she always gives her worst sound bites on red carpets.

She has the best post-awards show ritual
It involves sweatpants, her couch, an episode of 30 Rock and a big old bowl of macaroni and cheese. The only indication of what just happened? She keeps on her jewelry, and says the overall effect is “a trashy jewel thief thing.”

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