‘Live intentionally’: Jane Fonda’s best advice on getting older at TIFF 2019

By Jen Kirsch

On Sept. 11, hand-selected guests piled into Hotel X Toronto, wearing their Sunday best to see Jane Fonda! The screen legend was speaking at a L’Oréal Paris event hosted by CTV’s Marilyn Denis. L’Oréal Paris is the official beauty partner of TIFF, and the legendary actress has been a long-time spokesperson for the brand.

Those in the audience were mostly Canadian and local top-tier media, socialites and personalities who sported elevated attire including tea-length dresses, clutch purses and designer pumps. Everyone’s A-game was on, and guests mixed and mingled at a short-and-sweet cocktail reception in The View space, located on the 28 th floor of the hotel with vast views of the city.

We all were ushered into the hotel’s Cinema, located on the hotels ground floor, and were seated as we awaited Jane’s presence and to catch our first glimpse of her. Marilyn came out to applause, introduced one of the greatest starlets of our time, and in walked Jane. She was wearing a beautiful high neck blouse and trousers. Everyone in the room was on their feet, and it felt how I would imagine it feels when you’re showing up to an intimate talk with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Jane and Marilyn looked very happy to see each other! Photo: © George Pimentel/Getty Images

Jane said she starts filming the seventh and final series of her breakout hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie and hinted she will being making a big life change – which she assured us we’ll hear about very soon – that will find her uprooting her life as she knows it and permanently moving to Washington D.C.

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Jane gave us more than we bargained for. She was not only highly entertaining, but she also selected every word carefully. She often paused to reflect and came off organic, natural and made each selected word stronger in messaging. She provided some of her best advice, from topics ranging from staying true to yourself in love (and when you need to be single again) to aging gracefully.

So let me help Jane, help you, shall we? Here are some of her best quotes from the event:

On romantic relationships that are no longer serving you

“That’s why I’m single now. Because I’m tired of losing myself, that’s why.

“They say you fall in love. Well, that image … Just think of fall in love. No, we should walk on our own two feet into a relationship with somebody walking towards us on their own two feet.

“The problem is that women who grew up at the time that I did weren’t supposed to be standing on their own two feet, and men would be too scared to walk towards a woman who was standing on her own two feet.”

Jane has a great relationship with her Grace and Frankie co-star Lily Tomlin! Photo: © Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

On being young

“Being young is really hard. It’s important because so many young people just feel that they are the only ones that are angst-ridden and lost and don’t know how to move forward. It’s hard, especially now, it’s very hard to be young. So my advice to young people is just know that you’re not alone and it is hard and that’s normal.

“For girls it’s important to say no as a complete sentence. It took me to 60 years old to know that.”

Jane looked stunning at the event! Photo: © George Pimentel/Getty Images

On getting older and aging gracefully with no regrets

“But I think it’s when you get older that it becomes really important [to say no]. It wasn’t until I was 60 and realizing I was starting my last act. Last acts are really hard. I mean they’re important because you get to the end and if you haven’t figured it out, you’re going to die with all kinds of regrets.

“I need to know how to move forward in this last act and in order to do that I need to know where I’ve been.

“Between 59 and 60 I studied myself like I was an archeologist...

“By the time I reached my 60 th birthday, I kind of discovered that I had been kinda brave and that I was deserving of love and respect, and that there were certain things I needed to accomplish before I died, such as, showing up more for my children. Learning how to forgive. Asking for forgiveness and things like that. Because I wasn’t afraid of dying, I was afraid of regretting.

“When you do that, when you embrace the fact that you’re mortal and you’re going to die, it’s wonderful because it then defines how you’re living and it makes your living much more intentional and that’s what we need to do is live intentionally. And that I think is the most important thing that I’ve come to in the last 22 decades and will carry forward until I die. Living intentionally and knowing where you want to go and why and as, Katharine Hepburn would say, ‘put your best self forward.’”

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