Howie Mandel reveals why he collapsed at a Starbucks earlier this week

By Zach Harper

"What has this world come to when you can't pass out at Starbucks privately anymore?" Howie Mandel joked on Oct. 14, just a day after he'd been rushed to hospital after collapsing at one of the chain's Los Angeles franchises.

The 65-year-old took to his Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast with his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, to reveal he fell over because he was dehydrated. He'd had a colonoscopy on Oct. 12, and said he hadn't given himself adequate rest time or had enough water.

"From the moment I woke up from the colonoscopy... I worked," the Toronto-born comedian said. "All I kind of lived on was coffee and caffeine, which also exacerbates dehydration, I was told."

Howie with his daughter Jackie in 2013. Photo: © Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

The America's Got Talent judge also added he was fully conscious the whole time, but couldn't really stand up because he was so dizzy.

"I got totally soaked in sweat! For somebody who was dehydrated, I had a lot of sweat in me," he shared. "So that even exacerbated the situation. And the next thing I know, I was surrounded by the fire department, and then they took me to the hospital and did all these tests on my heart."

His heart is fine, he said.

While Howie is keeping a good sense of humour about what happened, he also said he wants to make some changes and learn from it.

"I don't drink water; I'm going to start drinking water," he said, then added, "I'm going to moisturize and hydrate from now on."

TMZ initially reported Howie had been taken to hospital on Oct. 12 after falling over at a Starbucks. He was with his wife, Terry, at the time. After being sent to the hospital and having tests, he went home.

Stay well, Howie!

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