The definitive A-Z of 2014 Toronto International Film Festival stars

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) made some early announcements this week, and there’s a lot to be excited about!

David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Starswill have its North American premiere, while Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, has been picked up as well.

© Maps to the Stars

Chris Rock has a star-studded cast in his TIFF premiere film, Take Five, which stars Jerry Seinfeld, Rosario Dawson, Whoopi Goldberg, Cedric the Entertainer, Gabrielle Union, Adam Sandlerand more.

© Take Five

Adam Driver, a breakout star from HBO’s Girls, has a whopping three premieres at TIFF with This is Where I Leave You, Hungry Hearts and When We’re Young.

© This is Where I Leave You

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for just who might be walking the red carpets and attending the swanky parties at this year’s film festival.

Want to track the stars? Check out our easy-to-follow A-to-Z of the potential star power this year, including the films they might be here to promote:

Adam Driver ( This is Where I Leave You, Hungry Hearts, When We’re Young)
Adam Sandler ( Men, Women and Children, Top Five)
Adrien Brody ( American Heist)
Akon ( American Heist)
Al Pacino ( The Humbling, Manglehorn)
Alan Rickman ( A Little Chaos)
Alec Baldwin ( Still Alice)
Amanda Seyfried ( When We’re Young)
Andrew Garfield ( 99 Homes)
Anna Kendrick ( Cake, The Last Five Years)
Anthony Michael Hall ( Foxcatcher)
Aubrey Plaza ( Ned Rifle)
Ben Kingsley ( Learning to Drive)
Ben Stiller ( When We’re Young)
Benedict Cumberbatch ( The Imitation Game)
Bill Paxton ( Nightcrawler)
Bill Pullman ( The Equalizer)
Billy Bob Thornton ( The Judge)
Cedric the Entertainer ( Top Five)
Channing Tatum ( Foxcatcher)
Charlotte Gainsbourg ( Samba)
Chloë Grace Moretz ( The Equalizer)
Chris Evans ( Before We Go)
Chris Messina ( Manglehorn)
Chris Rock ( Top Five)
Christopher Plummer ( Hector and the Search for Happiness)
Colin Farrell ( Miss Julie)
Corey Stoll ( This is Where I Leave You, The Good Lie)
Dax Shepard ( The Judge)
Denzel Washington ( The Equalizer)
Dianne Wiest ( The Humbling)
Eddie Redmayne ( The Theory of Everything)
Elizabeth Banks ( Love & Mercy)
Emily Watson ( The Theory of Everything)
Ethan Hawke ( Good Kill)
Felicity Huffman ( Cake)
Felicity Jones ( The Theory of Everything)
Gabrielle Union ( Top Five)
Gaby Hoffmann ( Wild)
Gael Garcia Bernal ( Rosewater)
Greta Gerwig ( Eden, The Humbling)
Hailee Steinfeld ( The Last Five Years)
Hayden Christensen ( American Heist)
Holly Hunter ( Manglehorn)
Jake Gyllenhaal ( Nightcrawler)
Jane Fonda ( This is Where I Leave You)
January Jones ( Good Kill)
Jason Bateman ( This is Where I Leave You)
Jena Malone ( Time Out of Mind)
Jennifer Aniston ( Cake)
Jennifer Garner ( Men, Women and Children)
Jerry Seinfeld ( Top Five)
Jessica Chastain ( Miss Julie)
John Cusack ( Maps to the Stars, Love & Mercy)
John Krasinski ( The Prophet)
Jon Stewart ( Rosewater)
Jordana Brewster ( American Heist)
Judy Greer ( Men, Women and Children)
Julianne Moore ( Maps to the Stars, Still Alice)
Kate Bosworth ( Still Alice)
Kate Winslet ( A Little Chaos)
Kevin Hart ( Top Five)
Kevin Kline ( My Old Lady)
Kiera Knightley ( The Imitation Game)
Kristen Stewart ( Still Alice)
Kristin Scott Thomas ( My Old Lady)
Kyra Sedgwick ( Time Out of Mind)
Laura Dern ( Wild, 99 Homes)
Liam Neeson ( The Prophet)
Live Schreiber ( Pawn Sacrifice)
Maggie Smith ( My Old Lady)
Mandy Patinkin ( The Humbling)
Mark Ruffalo ( Foxcatcher)
Matthew Goode ( The Imitation Game)
Melissa Leo ( The Equalizer)
Mia Wasikowska ( Maps to the Stars)
Michael Douglas ( The Reach)
Michael Shannon ( 99 Homes)
Naomi Watts ( When We’re Young)
Noomi Rapace ( The Drop)
Parker Posey ( Ned Rifle)
Patricia Clarkson ( Learning to Drive)
Paul Dano ( Love & Mercy)
Paul Giamatti ( Love & Mercy)
Peter Sarsgaard ( Pawn Sacrifice)
Priyanka Chopra ( Mary Kom)
Quvenzhané Wallis ( The Prophet)
Reese Witherspoon ( Wild)
Rene Russo ( Nightcrawler)
Richard Gere ( Time Out of Mind)
Robert Downey Jr. ( The Judge)
Robert Duvall ( The Judge)
Robert Pattinson ( Maps to the Stars)
Rosamund Pike ( Hector and the Search for Happiness)
Rosario Dawson ( Top Five)
Rose Byrne ( This is Where I Leave You)
Salma Hayek-Pinault ( The Prophet)
Sam Worthington ( Cake, The Keeping Room)
Sarah Gadon ( Maps to the Stars)
Sherri Shepherd ( Top Five)
Sienna Miller ( Foxcatcher)
Simon Pegg ( Hector and the Search for Happiness)
Stanley Tucci ( A Little Chaos)
Steve Buscemi ( Time Out of Mind)
Steve Carell ( Foxcatcher)
Tina Fey ( This is Where I Leave You)
Tobey Maguire ( Pawn Sacrifice)
Tom Hardy ( The Drop)
Toni Collette ( Hector and the Search for Happiness)
Tracy Morgan ( Top Five)
Vanessa Redgrave ( Foxcatcher)
Vera Farmiga ( The Judge)
Viggo Mortensen ( Far From Men)
Whoopi Goldberg ( Top Five)
Willem Dafoe ( Pasolini)
William H. Macy ( Cake)

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