Shinan Govani: Kate Winslet is coming, and behind-the-scenes tales from TIFF's final stretch

It ain’t over… until the lady gets into the dirt. In A Little Chaos – the closer of the film fest – there are corsets and dandies and Kate Winslet playing a female landscape gardener who found herself embroiled into the garden politics of Louis XIV.

Knee-deep in mud? Kate “loved” it, according to Alan Rickman, who directs the movie. Gathering now in Toronto for the premiere of the film – the accompanying party set for Soho House – it all but constitutes the last bud in a massive bloom of stars who’ve been in town. Let’s do some final catching-up, shall we?

Hawn does “Happy”:
There was zero room for celeb exhaustion at the Best Buddies Gala, held at The Carlu, mid-week, to honour Goldie Hawn. There, the Overboard star jumped in front of the stage, towards night’s end, getting into an impromptu Glee-style performance with a school choir that was doing a rendition of Pharrell’s "Happy." There were a few Goldie fist-bumps and a few Twist-like shimmies. “She’s the ambassador of happy,” someone was heard crying out, as the black-tie crowd gathered around Kate Hudson’s mom. Not much later, that rainy, rainy night - as a huddle of masses squished inside a small canopy waiting for their cars – I spotted the star walking, south on Yonge Street, sans umbrella, ostensibly towards her car. When you’re that happy, who cares about a little rain?

Barkin for ribs:
Adam Sandler took his mom, Judy, to Toronto’s “Little Portugal.” The two hit the neighbourhood the other night to attend a dinner held at Hudson Kitchen, marking the premiere of The Cobbler. There, too: Ellen Barkin. She had the ribs!

Cool moment:
Martin Scorsese receiving the “Golden Thumb” statuette at the inaugural Roger Ebert dinner, held inside Malaparte at TIFF Lightbox. Sandra Oh and Patricia Clarkson were also among those remembering the late, great film critic.

Lentils by candle light:
Sitting in a Givenchy jumpsuit in the candle light, eating lentils: that was the scene for Jennifer Aniston when she and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, made a catch-us-if-you-can dinner stop, a few nights ago, at The Good Son in Toronto’s hip West Queen West neighbourhood. The intimate gathering, hosted by InStyle and Max Mara, also brought out Sam Worthington, who stars in her buzzy new film, Cake.

Get by with a little help:
“A crazy year,” is how Octavia Spencer put it to me, describing her own awards season journey, two years ago, with The Help – the movie that eventually led to her Oscar win. “I wouldn’t be here without that,” she philosophized, as we both looked out onto the scene we were in at West, on King Street. Here, Nespresso had assembled a party for her TIFF film Black and White, co-starring Kevin Costner. Costner amiably worked the crowd nearby, and it all just reminded me how up-and-down show-biz can be. You’re hot. You’re not. You’re not until you are.

Hip to hear voices:
Chunky glasses and a beard… no, it wasn’t just another hipster. It was Ryan Reynolds making a late night of it with Anna Kendrick, and others, at a Grey-Goose-sprung party at Weslodge this week. They popped in after the premiere of their new one, The Voices.

TIFF Talking Point 101:
Chris Rock’s movie, Top Five, is his Annie Hall. That’s been the comparison, over and over again, as his directorial project got swooped into a massive bidding war at TIFF. It eventually went for $12.5 million – the biggest distribution deal of the fest.

Sealed with a kiss:
“I’ll tell you what. It certainly wasn’t bad,” said Diane Keaton at a Moet and Chandon do, held some nights ago at Michael’s, on Simcoe. We’d just asked her what it was like getting to kiss Morgan Freeman – in their TIFF romance, Ruth and Alex – and that had been her pithy response. Diane, who actually keeps a list of all the men she’s kissed – they include , Steve Martin, Al Pacino, etc – also has a wish list of men she has yet to pucker. That lattter list – which she produced recently during a stop on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show – includes such names as Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and David Beckham.

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