James Gandolfini's son Michael: 'I don't think he knew how many people loved him'

When actor James Gandolfini died suddenly of a heart attack at age 51 last year, no one was more affected than the Sopranos star's teenage son, Michael.

The 14 year old walked the red carpet at TIFF for the screening of his father's final film, The Drop – which hits theatres this weekwhere he spoke with Hello! about visiting Toronto, his plans for the future and, of course, his late, great dad.

Have you been to Toronto before? It’s my first time here. It’s really nice. I love it. I like the vibe. It’s kind of like Chicago. It’s really cool. Hot, though!

Will you do anything special while you’re in town? I love hockey. The L.A. Kings are my favourite team. I’m really excited to go to the The Hockey Hall of Fame.

Have you see The Drop yet? I’ve not seen it yet. So I’m very excited to see it. It’s going to be hard, but I’m very excited.

Have you seen James on the screen since he passed away? Yes, I have seen my dad in Enough Said. It was really amazing to see him. It’s hard, because I know he loved it so much. But it’s also happy. It makes me happy to see him acting and doing what he loved.

You were saying earlier that he didn't really appreciate how well loved he was. What did you mean by that? He appreciated it very much, but I don’t think he KNEW how many people really loved him as an actor. I don’t think he knew.

Are you thinking of following in his footsteps? I want to be an actor or director, I’m not sure yet. He wouldn’t want me in front of the screen, I know that. He’d want me behind the camera.

Why do you say that? I think he felt I could do better behind the camera. He thought I had a huge imagination. He thought I’d be able to be an amazing director. And he wanted me to be the best I could be.

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