Last night's TIFF parties: Hat's off to Diane Keaton, Will Ferrell dined on Dundas and Jake Gyllenhaal did Soho House

While Bill Murray was over at Patria boogying with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, Annie Hall herself - or, Diane Keaton - was at Michael's on Simcoe tipping her hat to her newest work, Ruth & Alex.

Image courtesy of Tom Sandler

And what a hat it was! Clad in a white suit with a thick black leather belt and a wide-brimmed chapeau, the 68-year-old actress was every inch the style icon of her Woody Allen days.

Also on hand at the Moet & Chandon bash? Diane's on-screen husband, Morgan Freeman, and Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon with her adorable son, Charlie Mozes.

Image courtesy of Tom Sandler

Over to the west, Will Ferrell was at the small, Italian favourite Campagnolo on Dundas West, where chef and co-owner Craig Harding posted a picture on Instagram with the now-bearded comedian.

Will is in town with his production effort, Welcome to Me, starring Kristen Wiig, which premiered on Friday (Sept. 5) at the Princess of Wales theatre. According to Craig, Will ate "9 spaghetti's," though we're not sure if this means a heaping nine bowls or nine noodles!

Over at Nikki Beach at the Spoke Club, the buzz was electric over Kate Beckinsale's recent dinner visit and Guerlain was on hand offering makeup touchups.

And before the crowd went wild for Jake Gyllenhaal and his spot-on stubble at the Elgin Theatre premiere of Nightcrawler, the heartthrob found himself at a Grey Goose Soho House pre-party with costars Rene Russo and Riz Ahmed.


Then came the rains and the big premiere, where Jake told Hello! he only got "a little" wet. Nightcrawler stars the 33-year-old as a photographer who trolls the streets at night capturing crimes and breaking news. Jake lost 30 pounds for the role, and has said his mother was concerned by his gaunt appearance.

But last night, he was certainly in fine form!

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