The most dazzling celebrity smiles at TIFF 2014

There’s one shade that never goes out of style on the red carpet : white!

No, we don’t mean Diane Keaton’s chic white pantsuit or Jessica Chastain’s Dior dress at their TIFF premieres this year. We’re talking about the white behind their dazzling smiles – and Hollywood knows how to put their perfect teeth in the spotlight .

Kate Beckinsale’s chompers nearly blinded us on the red carpet for The Face of an Angel , where the actress paired her winning smile with a pale pink jumpsuit. And it’s not just the ladies, either! Robert Downey Jr. has left his ear-to-ear mark all overt the city, from the opening night gala premiere of The Judge to parties at Montecito and the Windsor Arms.

This year’s Toronto International Film Festival has seen celebrities new and seasoned flaunting their pearly whites , and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites.


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