Last Night's TIFF Parties: Robert Pattinson's late-night arrival, an A-lister's grandma and Andrew Garfield's beard

Mondays are often reserved for early nights and Netflix, but during TIFF, such casual fare is eschewed for parties with Christopher Walken, Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson, Laura Dern and more.

At the Thompson Hotel rooftop, a stunning twilight backdrop cast a glow on the stars of Whiplash: Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons.

Leona Flowers and Kaleigh Sperry
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The award for the most adorable moment of the night goes to Miles, who brought his grandmother, Leona Flowers, to the party. The vivacious septuagenarian (she’s 74!) posed for selfies and even took out a lit, pivoting vanity mirror from her purse to make sure her lipstick and hair were perfect. (As if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, Leona has been documenting her grandson’s tour of the festival on Twitter.)

The The Spectacular Now actor also came with his model-girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, who looked like a million bucks in a body-conscious white mini dress with strappy heels to match. While the cast and its guests enjoyed a duelling drum performance, Christopher Walken made a quick in-and-out appearance before he moved on to his next destination.

Over at the Trump Tower's Calvin Bar, Channing Tatum gabbed with Mark Ruffalo as he sipped away on a Jack Daniels on the rocks. It would seem it is a favourite of the Magic Mike heartthrob, because he took a whole bottle of the Tennessee whiskey along for the trip back to his hotel. (Now, that’s bar service!)

Upstairs at America was the premiere after-party for 99 Homes, starring Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern.

Image courtesy of GREY GOOSE

Laura appeared as if by magic. One moment, a sea of people obscured her presence, and the next moment a server cutting through the party gave way to the Enlightened actress, standing elegantly in a black dress with a scalloped neckline. She was in good company, too, spending most of the party with Andrew, who looks ever-so-dashing with his full beard.

The signature drink of the evening was literally plucked from a Beyoncé verse – guests knocked back “watermelon basil” cocktails.

With an impromptu celebrity hangout downstairs and a premiere after-party upstairs, Toronto’s Trump Tower became a beacon for A-listers last night (Sept. 6). Rapper Lil Jon tucked into a corner booth with friends and didn’t leave his perch for anyone or anything, and at around 2 a.m., Robert Pattinson showed up to the 99 Homes party in an inconspicuous all-black ensemble, complete with a baseball cap and backpack.

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