​Bill Murray dream-casts an all-female ensemble for ‘Ghostbusters 3’ at TIFF

Bill Murray Day was a veritable success this TIFF– not only did the TIFF Bell Lightbox screen old Bill movies for free, but the 63-year-old star also talked Ghostbusters 3 casting when he wasn’t out partying and forming impromptu conga lines.

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There’s been talk through the grapevine of making the third Ghostbusters movie an all-female cast, and it’s something the St. Vincent actor is totally behind.

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He told the Toronto Star that Bridesmaids actresses Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy(with whom he starred in St. Vincent), would be hilarious choices, noting, “Melissa would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny – God, she’s funny.”

Despite pulling from today’s pool of comediennes, Bill also took his casting aim at cult favourites and leading ladies.

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He added, “I like this girl, [Freaks and Geeks’] Linda Cardellini, a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

No official plans have been inked for a female-friendly Ghostbusters, but the Wes Anderson fixture wouldn’t mind the change. The funnyman even thinks the costumes would be prettier.

“I’m fine with it. I would go to that movie, and they’d probably have better outfits, too,” he said of the possibility.

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