Take five with...Jay Manuel: 5 easy ways to fix your makeup mistakes

By Erica Cupido

Meeting Jay Manuel feels like a reunion. After all, we’ve spent hours and hours together, if watching the beauty expert and former America’s Next Top Model judge on TV counts. When we sit down at One Restaurant inside Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel, the silver-haired makeup pro says that we aren’t the only ones who feel like we’ve known him for years.

“I believe it was at the Golden Globes, I’d never met Reese Witherspoon before and she walked up to me and started quoting things I’ve said,” he tells us.

Formal introductions aside, Jay begins filling us in on his eponymous beauty line (available on The Shopping Channel and a few of his favourite products. In the process of developing Jay Manuel Beauty, the famous Canadian flew back and forth to Korea to discover beneficial ingredients and the latest developments in cosmetics. “I wanted to [incorporate concepts] that not only made a visible difference, but that people could understand.” Ultimately, he combined lessons he learned throughout his career to create a line that would satisfy professional makeup artists, beauty junkies and everyday shoppers. “With all of my years of experience helping countless celebrities get ready for the red carpet, I wondered, ‘How do you cheat so that it doesn’t look like they’re wearing makeup? How can you get that flawless look?’ It was very hard to find products that did that.”

Between encouraging us to test his products and chatting about his star-studded career, Jay schooled us on how to solve five common beauty mistakes. Read on for his time-saving tips!

Photo: © Troy Word

The best way to correct your foundation if it’s the wrong colour is to use a bronzer. Experts will say to stay away from bronzers because they’re too glittery or orange, or because they don’t look natural. So, I created a product that’s a pure bronze in colour, which resembles what it looks like when we tan. The best way to fix that is to take a bronzing brush and apply bronzer all along your hairline, through your temples and then down your cheekbones. Don’t go across your face with your brush. And then maybe touch a little on the end of your nose. Moving along the perimeter of your face and cheekbones will actually help transition the tone of your foundation into a tan.

I think that when trying to create the perfect cat eye, a lot of people try to line the whole lid at once. They don’t realize the real trick is to draw your endpoint first. Draw a straight line from the end of the lashes out. Don’t try and create the triangle or wing. If you do that, when you go to the other side it’ll be easy to recreate that line. Once you’ve drawn those two slashes, you can go from the end point and come in on a diagonal, down and across your lid and then fill in the hole.

If you forgot your favourite lipstick at home, you can use a cream blush to finish your look. You can always easily just blot that on your lips as a lipstick.

I know that having eyeshadow fall under your eye when you’re doing your makeup is a concern that women have. If that happens, it’s easier to correct afterward if you leave the area under your eyes clean, finish your eyeshadow and then apply your foundation base under the eyes after you’re done with your lids. It’s all a question of formula. With Jay Manuel Beauty, I created these heavily pigmented shadows that are held together by a hydro-silicone coating, which helps the product to blend onto the skin. It’s important to keep formula in mind when selecting your products and to choose something that will minimize that fallout.

The best thing to do if you’re trying to contour and it looks like you’ve drawn a distinct line is to take your blending tool and blend between the highlight point and the dark point. I often hear women say their contouring product is too dark, and then they try to blend that away. The real trick is blending the line where the darker product and highlighter meet. To avoid this altogether, apply your makeup and just blot the area where you want the shades to transition. That’s really the key because transition points are what keep your makeup from looking like it’s Paint by Numbers. A lot of people are talking about strobing right now and bringing radiance to the skin. To give yourself an added glow, use a highlighting powder along the tops of the cheekbones, middle of your forehead and down your nose.

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